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SwingTree Consulting builds FileMaker and Web applications.

We can help you improve your FileMaker database, add mobile or web functionality, and help you get your work done faster.

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FileMaker cURL Sandbox

Download this free tool for testing cURL requests from FileMaker.

Custom Web Publishing

Breathe new life into your database! Whether you need a simple customer portal, or a custom web application, we can build what you need.

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Software Development Process

Understand the software development process to avoid common pitfalls.

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Optimize your FM Go sync operations

Working offline with FileMaker Go? This technique will speed up your data transfer to FileMaker Server.

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FileMaker Naming Conventions

Save yourself a lot of time by following these simple naming conventions, as explained in a couple articles on our FileMaker training site, FileMaker Forever:

Table Naming Conventions

FileMaker Dev Layouts

What does PM stand for?

Are your project managers acting like People Managers?

Be a Process Manager
Go Mobile

Work offline on your iPad and then sync with your main database when you're back in the office. Or, connect directly to your FileMaker server.

Either way, working on an iPad is a great way to perform inspections, view documents, capture signatures and record video and audio.

We can build you a brand-new mobile app or add mobile functionality to an existing one.

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Our developers have worked with companies of all sizes. See some of our recent projects here.
Apple Inc.
FileMaker Inc.
Oregon State University
Western Excelsior
Sara Lee
“I can tell you without any hesitation that you've found a quality group of people with an immense knowledge of FileMaker and Web technologies."
~ Doug Waidelich, HOUK Air Conditioning
“It was amazing to see your capability of working with this program. Job well done!"
~ Sam Erwin, APDA
“I would definitely recommend them to other people. They are easy to get along with, intelligent, and they make sure that you get exactly what you want. They also offer suggestions and input to improve the product beyond what you may have thought possible."
~ Tyler Hallman, Oregon State University Corvallis
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