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Developers at Swingtree have worked with companies of all sizes. These are some of our recent projects.

Recent Projects
Kane County Regional Office of Education hired Swingtree Consulting to replace a paper form used by school districts throughout the state of Illinois. The web application collects data and manages collaboration between district and state officials. It also stores documents that demonstrate compliance to state requirements.
O'Brien Law Firm needed a solution for printing legal documents with very specific content and formatting. Swingtree built a solution that generates complex Word documents from their FileMaker database, saving them several hours per week and minimizing typographical errors. This technique uses the SmartPill PHP plugin for FileMaker Pro.
The Army Air Force Exchange publishes weekly marketing materials for their retail stores around the world. Swingtree Consulting built a graphical design tool for planning layouts in retail advertisement publications. It uses an AJAX-driven interface built with JavaScript and PHP and draws data from a FileMaker database. It also integrates with data from a corporate Microsoft SQL Server database.
Western Excelsior, a manufacturer of erosion control products, uses a FileMaker Go solution built by Swingtree Consulting to manage various HR functions. This system replaces several Excel spreadsheets and Google sheets.
  • Factory workers save time by entering their time sheets on site
  • Management reports are calculated automatically
  • Employees can easily track vacation days and sick leave
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