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FileMaker Custom Web Publishing

With Custom Web Publishing, you can do some amazing things with your FileMaker app. Here are some examples.

Custom Web Publishing is a unique tool for accomplishing the following objectives:

Registration System

Do you manage events or other dates in your FileMaker app? We can build a web app that interacts directly with your FileMaker database.

This is a good way to allow the public to access your data without the need to use FileMaker.

Registrants can have their own accounts and log in to manage their registrations and profiles.

Dispatch Tool

This system is great for managing assignment of personnel to jobs, for example for HVAC or construction companies that have multiple projects running.

Track all your workers and equipment with a simple drag-and-drop interface

Use text messages to send and confirm assignments.

WordPress Integration

We can embed a custom web page into your Wordpress or Weebly website. This is a great way to display data from your FileMaker database, like directories and schedules.

Mobile Time Entry

Connect to your database from an iPad and track employee hours in the field.

Enter regular, overtime, and paid time off.

Save time entering time sheets manually.

Provide real-time reporting to employees and management.

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