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Optimize FileMaker Go Sync

If you're working offline on your iPhone or iPad, this may improve your data sync between FM Go and FM Server.

Many FM Go sync operations try to sync too much data at once, and this can be problematic, even with a fast internet connection.

Instead of connecting to the FileMaker server, this technique uses PHP scripts on a web server to push and pull data from FileMaker Server. This can result in faster data transfer.

Push it all at once

Instead of using a series of Set Field script steps, this technique consolidates all data into one text field, and then pushes it to the web server in one Insert From URL step. The data can be then be pushed to FileMaker server and parsed into separate tables and fields with a scheduled script.

What about container data?

This technique works well with container data as well. Files can be pushed one a time, again without a direct connection to FileMaker Server. You can error trap with each container to verify the transfer. Files are stored on the web server and then pulled into FileMaker Server using a separate process with Insert From URL.

Another advantage of storing files on the web server is that you can keep them there, and download them to your FileMaker database when you need them.

Not using FileMaker? That's okay too.

You can use FileMaker Go with another database, such as MySQL, or any other database that you can connect to a web server.

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